W4TL Scholarship

Lanierland Amateur Radio Club

W4TL Scholarship


The W4TL scholarship program is established to help support the next generation workforce.  This scholarship is rooted in honor of Terry Jones(W4TL).

Terry is a licensed Amateur Extra operator that has provided countless hours of community service and emergency response communications. He has contributed to emergency communications during times of need including Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief program, the Terrorist attacks on 09/11/2001, and Hurricane Katrina. 

It is in his honor, that Lanierland Amateur Radio club memorializes his contributions to amateur radio and the community. By providing this scholarship, Lanierland Amateur Radio Club is honoring a graduating senior that is working with-in the STEM degree program.  This scholarship is limited to 10 applicants distributed by theThe Senior Student Counselor. There are 2 scholarships being issued this year for $500.00 

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