2024 Ham Cram and Swap Shop



1581 Community Way Gainesville, GA 30501

April 27th, 2024 FROM 8:00 AM TO 1:00 PM

Join Lanierland ARC and Gainesville Middle School ARC for the

2024 annual Ham Cram and Swap Shop. 


Time to start Class: 8:00AM - 1:00PM

To register for our Ham Cram Class and all VE Testing


If you would like to test independent of the Ham Cram you must also Pre-Register.

The fee for taking the WCARS Exam is $10 CASH (correct change only) for both the

Ham Cram and those wanting to take other VE Exams.

The following VE Forms need to be completed (and brought with you to the test site) prior to arriving

at the Ham Cram and/ test site if you are taking other exams. If you don’t have these completed forms

with you on Test Day you will not be allowed to participate in the exams. These are interactive forms

and can be completed on a computer and then printed and brought to the test site. We can’t stress

enough that they need to be completely legible. If the VE Team, the VEC and/or the FCC can’t read

your information correctly, your license may not be issued and/or become void. WCARS VEC FORM 605 https://www.wcars-vec.org/forms/wcars-ve-605.pdf WCARS VEC TEST COVER SHEET https://www.wcars-vec.org/forms/wcars-ve-test-cover-sheet.pdf

Testing at 12:00 PM

All test takers must have hard copies of your picture ID.

If upgrading a current official amateur license is required.

FCC Registration Number AKA FRN is required to take the test and can be found Here.

Tips if you wish to get a head start on studying you can start Here for the Technician and Herefor the General.

These answers will also be reinforced at the Cram.

Amateur Extra Test will be available, but not be a part of the Cram Sessions.

If there are any questions please email activities@lanierlandARC.org or call Don Blackstock at 770-778-5050

Swap Shop 

Do you have a radio, generator, tower, or any other gear that needs a new home? 

Join us for the 2024 Lanierland ARC and Gainesville Middle School ARC Swap Shop. 

We are providing a FREE platform to buy, sell, or swap equipment.  All we ask is that

you pop your trunk, maybe bring a 6 ft table, and a pocket full of cash to buy, or make

change to sell.  

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