Important LARC News

-The LARC meeting location has changed. Starting 3/26/2019 we will meet at the Hall County EOC rather than United Community Bank.

-LARC has purchased a communication trailer and is asking for donations to help get it set up.

Officers and Committees

2019 LARC Officers (Effective 12/01/2018)

President - Brandon Brock, KN4HDZ
Vice President - Mike Hall, N4HGO
Treasurer - (Finance Committee)
Secretary - Larry Tyson, W4WLT
Activities Manager - Joey Nichols, KG4LST
Director (3 Year) - Perry Roper, KO4RD
Director (2 Year) - John Brandon, KE4PCF
Director (1 Year) - Terry Jones, W4TL

2019 LARC Committees

Field Day Committee - Tony Dougherty, W4TMD
Susan Dougherty, KN4ABC
Mike Hall, N4HGO
Larry Tyson, W4WLT
John Lipscomb, KA4JON

Inventory Committee - Terry Jones, W4TL
Ed Worth, KB4ZBM and Brandon Brock, KN4HDZ

Fundraising Committee - John Lipscomb, KA4JON
Edith Collins - KN4NDV and John Brandon, KE4PCF

Finance Committee - Roger Gibson, WB4T
Edith Collins - KN4NDV and Susan Dougherty, KN4ABC


Join us every Wednesday night at 8:30PM on 146.670mHz minus offset PL tone of 131.8Hz for our weekly LARC 2M Net!
If you have any questions or comments for LARC, please send an email to