Important LARC News

Our W4ABP 146.670 Repeater is temporarily out of service pending replacement of the broken antenna. There are some photos on our Facebook Page. All regularly scheduled NETS will be on the W4TL Repeater, 145.310 (-) PL 123.0.

Officers and Committees

2019 LARC Officers (Effective 12/01/2018)

President - Brandon Brock, KN4HDZ
Vice President - Mike Hall, N4HGO
Treasurer - Beth Weaver, KJ4HHU
Secretary - Larry Tyson, W4WLT
Activities Manager - Joey Nichols, KG4LST
Director (3 Year) - Perry Roper, KO4RD
Director (2 Year) - John Brandon, KE4PCF
Director (1 Year) - Terry Jones, W4TL

2019 LARC Committees
Pending Appointment by President Brandon Brock, KN4HDZ


Join us every Wednesday night at 8:30PM on 146.670mHz minus offset PL tone of 131.8Hz for our weekly LARC 2M Net!
If you have any questions or comments for LARC, please send an email to