Officers and Committees

 2022 LARC Officers

President - Tony Constabile, KB2DPY

Vice President - Billy Fallin, KN4ZFB

Treasurer - Chandra Burnette, KD4BVG

Secretary - John Baker, KN4LJR

Activities Manager - Billy Fallin - KN4ZFB

Director (1 year) - Sam Robinson - K4SRJ

Director (2 year) - Mike Hall, N4HGO

Director (3 year) - Terry Jones, W4TL

2021 LARC Committees

Repeater Committee

Tony-KB2DPY, Joey-W4LSG, Ron-KA3JIJ, Clayton-W4CMB, Brandon-KN4HDZ, Carter-KN4DLY

Repeater Grounds

John Baker-KN4LJR

YL Committee

Susan-KN4ABC,  Edith-KN4NDV

VE Committee

Edith-KN4NDV, Johhn-KA4JON

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Join us every Wednesday night at 8:30PM on 146.670mHz minus offset PL tone of 131.8Hz for our weekly LARC 2M Net!