Important LARC News

[COVID-19] Stay at Home Order from Gov Kemp.
-Wellfare Nets Mon, Wed, Fri on Dstar REF030B and Tues, Thurs, Sat on 3.971Mhz LSB @ 7PM

-The W4CBA Dstar stack and KA3JIJ's multi-mode machine are up on Wauka Mtn!!! The Dstar is working (with some limitations) on the 2m and 70cm modules. Testing the 23cm module. The KA3JIJ multi-mode is able to do Dstar, DMR, YSF, and Analog. Info on the repeaters page.


Club Repeaters

LARC operates the following repeaters on Wauka Mountain. 

2m FM
146.670 MHz
131.8 Hz
 Hall County ARES Net Wednesdays at 8PM, LARC Net Wednesdays at 8:30PM, Prayer Net Wednesday following LARC Net. YL Net 1st Thursday each Month @ 7PM.
145.200 MHz
Auto Change to REF004A on Sunday at 9PM for Southeastern WX Net.

70cm DSTAR
444.3375 MHz
No default Reflector.  Link as Desired.

23cm DSTAR
1284.400 MHz
Currently Testing

No default Reflector.

Though the Dstar system is active, we are still learning about and testing it.  The project to implement this system is not complete and you may experience issues with certain functions.  The system has not been synced with the Dsync system since it was removed from Sawnee Mountain.  Therefor, the database is out of sync and newer Dstar users will not be seen as allowed to link reflectors etc...Please be patient and courteous to other users of the machines and understand that your transmissions could be going out across a reflector to a large group of people.  

LARC also supports the KA3JIJ repeaters on Wauka Mountain:
DMR, Dstar, YSF, FM
145.310 MHz
FM PL: 123.8 Hz

 Hall County ARES Net the last Wednesday of the month at 8PM (FM).

No TX tone from the repeater. TSQL will not work on your radio.

One mode at a time.  Do not leave connected to busy digital reflector.

About Multi-Mode

Color Code
70cm DMR
444.950 MHz
+ 5.0
Both DMR MARC NA (TG3) and ATL Metro (TG8) full time sharing TS1.  Use PTT to access any other TG.  PTT will activate the TG for 15 minutes

Talk Group Name TG TS Comments
DMR-MARC WW 1 1 World Wide (DMR-MARC)
Local 2 2 2 Local Area Network (defined by the local repeaters)
DMR-MARC NA 3 1 North America (DMR-MARC)
Local 8 8 2 Secondary Local Area Network 
Local 9 9 2 Local Repeater Only
Brandmeister WW 91 1 World Wide (BM)
Brandmeister NA 93 1 North America (BM)
DMR+ USA 133 1 DMRPlus USA (Reflector 4639)
USA 1776 2 USA Talkgroup 
Bridge 3100 2 “The Bridge” (DMRX & BM) 
QuadNet 31012 2 (Cross connect to Fusion and D-Star)
TGIF 31665 2
WW-German 10 1 WW German Language (DMR-MARC)
WW-German UA1 110 2 WW German Language UA1 (DMR-MARC)
WW-German UA2 120 2 WW German Language UA2 (DMR-MARC)
WW-English 13 1 WW English Language (DMR-MARC)
WW-English UA1 113 2 WW English Language UA1 (DMR-MARC)
WW-English UA2 123 2 WW English Language UA2 (DMR-MARC)
WW-Spanish 14 1 WW Spanish Language (DMR-MARC)
WW-Spanish UA1 114 2 WW Spanish Language UA1 (DMR-MARC)
WW-Spanish UA2 124 2 WW Spanish Language UA2 (DMR-MARC)
WW-Any Language UA1 119 2 WW Any Language UA1 (DMR-MARC)
WW-Any Language UA2 129 2 WW Any Language UA2 (DMR-MARC)
Comm1 3777215 1 Original Talk Groups from 2009 on TRBO-6 (DMRX)
Comm2 3777216 2 Original Talk Groups from 2009 on TRBO-6 (DMRX)
TAC-1 8951 2 Tactical Channel (DMRX)
TAC-310 310 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX) (Linked to BM) "Zoo"
TAC-311 311 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX) (Linked to BM)
TAC-312 312 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX) (Linked to BM)
TAC-313 313 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX)
TAC-314 314 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX)
TAC-315 315 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX)
TAC-316 316 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX)
TAC-317 317 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX)
TAC-318 318 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX)
TAC-319 319 2 Tactical Channel for QSOs (DMRX)
Midwest Region 3169 2 ND SD NE MN IA MO WI IL MI IN OH (DMR-MARC) (DMR+ 4640)
Northeast Region 3172 2 NY NJ VT MA CT NH RI ME (DMR-MARC) (DMR+ 4642)
Mid-Atlantic Region 3173 2 PA WV VA MD DE DC (DMR-MARC) (DMR+ 4643)
Southeast Region 3174 2 AR LA KY TN MS AL GA FL NC SC (DMR-MARC) (DMR+ 4644)
Southern Plains Region 3175 2 KS OK TX (DMR-MARC) (DMR+ 4645)
Southwest Region 3176 2 CA NV AZ NM HI (DMR-MARC) (DMR+ 4646)
Mountain Region 3177 2 AK WA OR ID MT WY UT CO (DMR-MARC) (DMR+ 4647)
JOTA 907 2 Boy Scout Jamboree-on-the-Air (BM)
JOTA TAC1 9071 2 Boy Scout Jamboree-on-the-Air TAC-1 (BM)
JOTA TAC2 9072 2 Boy Scout Jamboree-on-the-Air TAC-2 (BM)
California 3106 2 CA State TG
Colorado 3108 2 CO State TG (BM)
Delaware 3110 2 DE State TG (BM
District of Columbia 3111 2 DC State TG (BM)
Florida 3112 2 FL State TG
Georgia 3113 2 GA State TG (BM)
Hawaii 3115 2 HI State TG
Illinois 3117 2 IL State TG
Indiana 3118 2 IN State TG (BM)
Iowa 3119 2 IA State TG (BM)
Kentucky 3121 2 KY State TG (BM)
Maryland 3124 2 MD State TG
Massachusetts 3125 2 MA State TG
Michigan 3126 2 MI State TG
Minnesota 3127 2 MN State TG (BM)
Missouri 3129 2 MO State TG (BM)
Nebraska 3131 2 NE State TG (BM)
New Hampshire 3133 2 NH State TG
New Jersey 3134 2 NJ State TG (BM)
New York 3136 2 NY State TG
North Carolina 3137 2 NC State TG (BM) (available on request only)
Ohio 3139 2 OH State TG
Pennsylvania 3142 2 PA State TG
Rhode Island 3144 2 RI State TG (BM)
South Carolina 3145 2 SC State TG (BM)
Tennessee 3147 2 TN State TG (BM)
Texas 3148 2 TX State TG
Virginia 3151 2 VA State TG
Wisconsin 3155 2 WI State TG
Crossroads 8710 2 Indiana Statewide TG
First Coast 31121 2 NE Florida (BM)
Handi-Hams 31990 2 Handi-Hams (BM)
Net31001 31001 2 Scheduled Nets (BM)
Net31002 31002 2 Scheduled Nets (BM)
PRN2 7762 2  This is Local2 (TG2/TS2) on PRN Network
TN Ten 314710 2 Tennessee Ten (BM) 
W4ABP 4-bay 2m folded dipole on the top left. KA3JIJ DMR on very top.

Wauka Mountain Communications Complex

W4ABP 2m Repeater Cabinet

W4ABP Bridgecom BCR-50V

W4CBA D-Star Stack

Wauka Mountain Details

Wauka Mountain is a mountain summit in White County Georgia (GA) that climbs to 2,612 feet (796.14 meters) above sea level and is located at coordinates  
N 34.509541 and  W -83.806572.

Total antenna height 2,700 + above sea level               

Estimated coverage of W4ABP 2m repeater on Wauka Mountain (click to enlarge)
2M CW.........   144.100 MHz
2M QRP CW Calling Freq ----144.060
2M PSK ........  144.144 to 144.150
2M SSB........   144.200 MHz
2M QRP SSB Calling Freq ---- 144.285
2M FM 146.520 MHz (National Simplex Freq)
70cm SSB......  432.100 MHz
70cm PSK .....  432.2 and up
70cm FM.......  446.000 MHz

70cm DMR Simplex........446.075 CC1 TG99


Join us every Wednesday night at 8:30PM on 146.670mHz minus offset PL tone of 131.8Hz for our weekly LARC 2M Net!